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St Philip’s has a well-qualified, long-standing and dedicated teaching staff. There has been a remarkable continuity and loyalty of teaching staff over the years, which has been of huge benefit to the pupils. Apart from the team of full-time class and subject teachers, St Philip’s has the benefit of a Roman Catholic chaplain, a highly professional in-house learning support unit, a director of music who oversees several instrumental teachers and professional sport and swimming coaches.

A vital and traditional post at St Philip's is that of Junior Master. It is a short-term appointment intended for gap-year students and young people looking for life experience or working experience in the teaching profession. Junior Masters at St Philip's have organised plays, sports activities and trips abroad in the past, and we are always on the look-out for suitable candidates.

Staff List

Senior management

Head Master, Mr Wulffen-Thomas (History Form 8)

Deputy Head, Mr Corr (English Forms 6-8)

Director of Extra-Curricular, Mr Whittock (Geography Forms 3 – 8, Science Forms 3 & 4)

Form teachers

Form 8W, Mr Walters (Mathematics Forms 6-8)

Form 8P, Mr Payne (Games & PSHE Forms 3-8)

Form 7, Mr Whittock (Geography Forms 3-8 & Science Forms 3 & 4)

Form 6, Mr Mannering (Science Forms 5-8)

Form 5, Mr Tanna (History and Religious Studies, History Forms 4-7, RS 4-8)

Form 4, Mrs Sullivan (SENCo & RS Form 3)

Form 3, Mrs Purnell

Teaching staff

Classics, Mr Aitken (Latin / Mythology Forms 5-8)

Director of Music, Mr Bullard (Music)

Teaching Assistant, Mrs Gilfeather (Mon – Fri)

Art & Verbal Reasoning, Miss Hegarty (Art Forms 3-8, VR Forms 4 & 5)

Junior Master, Mr Esteve

English & Mathematics, Mr Cameron English Forms 5, 7, 8, Maths Form 5)

French, Mr Schirone (Forms 3-8)

Administrative and non-teaching staff

Registrar & Head Master’s PA, Mrs Fairfax-Kay

School Secretary and Assistant to Registrar, Mrs Kaye

School Chaplain, Fr Rupert McHardy


Dog, Otto

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Teaching Staff