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News This Term - Week 6


Music Scholarship

Congratulations to Lucas, St Philip’s Captain of Southwell, who has won a music scholarship to City of London School. Lucas impressed with piano and flute recitals and will now take a leading role in the musical life of one of the top schools in the country when he takes up his place there in September.


Thank you to Mr Whittock and Mr Bullard for organising the piano competition which concluded this week with judgements in the senior and junior categories. Mr Bullard complied a video of the entries from which he chose as winners, Lucas D (Form 8) in the senior category and Benjo S (Form 5) in the junior category.


Atrology Club

There were presentations on asteroids from James C (Form 3) as well as Paul M and Daniel B (Form 8) this week. Although interrupted by aliens lagging his computer, James spoke about destroying asteroids that threatened Earth while Paul and Daniel explained how we might exploit them.

Week 5


Friday Assembly

The boys marked Candlemas today at Assembly with readings of the highest quality from Emanuele N (Form 6) and Alec M (Form 8).

Lucas, our Captain of Music, played the piano with his usual composure before Mr Tanna spoke to the boys on the movement of the liturgical calendar from Christmas towards Easter. On a sunny morning, the importance of light at Candlemas was particularly powerful.


Mr Bullard is delighted with the 22 entries received for the piano competition that ran this week. Every class was represented. He will listen to them all and draw up his round of finalists who will be invited to perform in an assembly around half – term.



In the week of the piano competition, the boys were captured making music at home this week. Busy chaps…

Week 4


Astronomy Club

This week saw the collaboration of Eddie B (Form 7) and Nicholas K and Garrett R (both in Form 6) building on the work they had previously done to create a presentation on the birth of magnetic stars, having chosen the topic themselves. They co-edited in real-time a shared PowerPoint presentation and divvied up the presentation roles before presenting to the group on Tuesday. Well done and thank you, boys!


Friday Morning Assembly

Friday marked the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas – patron Saint of teachers and students – whose contributions to theology and education were celebrated by Mr Tanna in his talk to the boys following prayers. The readings were delivered by Daniel B and Arthur M, both of Form 8 and the Guild of St Philip.

Lucas D played ‘For All the Saints’. It was an encouraging end to the week.


Afternoon Tea

Thank you to all those who were able to drop in for a chat on Thursday afternoon from various countries. The general theme appears to be that the boys are coping much better this time around and that Mr Tanna has been spotted around town on his bicycle!

Week 3

Young Art Competition Winners

Young Art

Many congratulations to the seven boys who won prizes in the Royal College’ of Art’s Young Art Competition. The virtual exhibition will be on 1st March 2021 and you can view the gallery of pictures at

Friday Morning Assembly

Friday Morning Assembly

Thanks you to Lucas for opening Friday morning’s Assembly with his piano recital. Augustin from Form 8 – Captain of Gwyn – read from the Gospel very clearly and Mr Tanna spoke to the boys on the concept of patience and respect, managing to weave in a boyhood memory of him landing his first fish.

Keeping Aactive During Lockdown

Keeping Active During Lockdown

Week 2

Clubs up and Running

Clubs up and Running

It is great to see that the boys can still take part in a few clubs after school. Here is Jasper who got down to some Lego on the kitchen table, having dialled in for a chat with the other budding builders and Mr Esteve, who dusted off his own Lego and rolled back the years!

Afternoon Tea

Thank you to all those parents who dropped in for a cup o'tea on Thursday afternoon.

It was very interesting to hear how things are going at home. Each household has its struggles whether it be children out-numbering sane adults (we know the feeling), spatial issue, tech issues or just plain old job and school juggling. I hope it was reassuring to know that we are not alone and there is safety in numbers.

Relaxing at home once the books are put away

Fun after lessons

Week 1

What have the boys been learning at home this week?

Working from Home

Friday Morning Assembly

Friday  Morning Assembly

It was uplifting to see the boys appearing in assembly on Friday morning, class by class, as they were dismissed from their virtual form rooms and asked to report to the Chapel.

Thank you to the Head Boy James for reading from the Gospel so clearly and to Captain of Southwell Lucas (above) for playing the piano, both dialling in seamlessly from home.

Mr Tanna spoke eloquently on the concept of perseverance, which was a focus in the first week of term for the whole school.

Happy and focused faces

Happy Faces
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