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News This Term - Week 5

Gold stars blazing away

Gold Stars

Congratulations to the following boys who have earned enough house points to collect their first gold star of the year.

Nicolas, Bobbi, Raphael, Leonardo, Leopold and Eddie

Thank you, Lucas


Thank you to Lucas for his excellent piano playing at Morning Prayers today. He opened the weekly liturgical assembly before Mr Tanna led us in prayers. Mr Tanna then spoke about guardian angels whose role it is to ‘enlighten, guide and protect’ every person. It was an uplifitng start to the day – thank you, Lucas and Mr Tanna.

Fun factory

Fun Factory

Please allow Form 8 to introduce you to their blank monitor and its wandering pixel, which strikes a corner once in a blue moon. It has been a source of fascination, discussion and energy all term as they predict its path. Form 8W is two-nil up against Form 8P, for the record. Oddly exciting.

Week 4

First Confession and First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion

At the Oratory Church on Thursday 24th September, the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, five Form 5 boys received their first Holy Communion. The boys were supported by their families and the rest of Form 5 and Form 6 on a joyous occasion.

The service was organised carefully and sensitively by Mr Tanna and was presided over by Father Rupert with music provided by the Oratory’s organist Benjamin Bloor. Covid restrictions permitted only a small congregation inside the vast Church but the occasion was, perhaps, all the more beautiful because of this. Thank you to Mr Tanna for his perseverance and dedication in preparing the boys for this important milestone.

Speaking of the Gospel…the House League is back!

House League

Hats off to Mr Payne for ensuring that the boys are involved in competitive fixtures this term in the absence of the normal representative fixture list. His imaginative Gwyn, Ogilvy, Southwell and Plunkett League kicked off on Friday 25th September at a wintry Barn Elms with all the boys in action from Form 3 to Form 8. The highlight has to be a 7-7 draw!

The league will continue throughout the term.

School charity Carney’s demonstrate work

Carney’s Community Centre

Our good friend George from Carney’s Community Centre visited Barn Elms on Wednesday 23rd September to enact a demonstration of the art of boxing to the boys during Games. St Philip’s – through funds raised via the PA – has supported Carney’s Community Centre for the past two years in its mission to use boxing to develop skills, discipline and respect among under-privileged communities in South London. Scores of young people have found direction and employment because of the work of Carney’s and it was very useful for the boys to see George’s work in action.

Week 3

Within the algebra and essay introductions we find art


It is a feature of St Philip’s that each boy receives an hour and ten minutes of art each week, come wind rain or shine. Thank you to the boys for adapting to the new routine of sketching, painting and stencilling in the classrooms. They are an adaptable bunch.

Introducing the Wetherby Place Film Festival

Wetherby Place Film Festival

Thank you to Head Boy James and Deputy Head Boy Paul, who have been making a video this week for our newest boys. Oscar has been given the camera and creative direction, and he has enlisted Alessandro, Arthur and Gijs to keep ideas flowing. They have all been left to it and we are looking forward to seeing what Oscar and the team produces.

Always proud of our Old Boys

Otto (2020) has hit the ground running at Harrow and has been awarded the first send up, equivalent of a Head Master’s Credit, of term for RS. It is the feats and deeds of our former pupils that give our current boys a good reputation. Let’s hope that the current St Philip’s boys remember and build upon that when it is their turn in the years to come. We are sure that they will.

Week 2



Congratulations to Luke and William (both Form 8) on being appointed prefects this week. Both boys have made excellent starts to the year, working hard and impressing with their powers of persuasion and willingness to listen to others.

The garden is back to life

The garden is back to life

Great to see the garden back to its proper use after being furloughed in March. Great to hear it back in action, too, as the boys tumbled back through it after Games this afternoon, clearly happy after their first full week back in school.

Week 1

Delighted to be back

Delighted to be back

It was thoroughly heart-warming to see the boys back together again this week and to hear them welcome new members of the School to St Philip’s in person. Alongside our newest boys, it was wonderful to have Form 8 back with us after their extended period at home in the Summer Term.

Garden open again

Garden open again

It is lovely to see the garden filled with fun and games once again, even if its users are grouped together a little more carefully. To conker or not to conker, though? That is the question which has already been asked by a few boys. They are not sure if it is possible ‘in the current climate’.

All part of growing up

All part of growing up

We saw one or two nervous faces this week give way to smiles and laughter as our newest boys settled into life at St Philip’s. This is all par for the course and we are delighted with the start the boys have made.

Speaking of settling in, spotted about town this week were three St Philip’s Old Boys – Rayan, Felix and Lucas – on their way to their first day at their next port of call, City of London School.

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