St Philip's School

Summer Term - Week 9

House Cup to Gwyn

House Cup

Congratulations to Gwyn for a double victory today with the announcement that the boys in red had won both house point competitions for the term and the year. For winning the term prize, the boys will see prep diaries painted in red in Michaelmas 2020. Captain of Gwyn Alec (Form 8) paraded the cup around the forms this morning and presented his housemate with a small edible prize.

Form 8 post-CE programme

Battersea Power Station

Form 8 ventured to Battersea Power Station to learn about the history and development of the iconic building as part of their London investigation this week. Thank you to Mr Mannering and Mr Whittock for accompanying them alongside Mr Corr.

Particular thanks are extended to Mr Corr for the vision and hard work that he has put into Form 8’s post Common Entrance experience. The boys have considered the importance of taking risks, practised speech-writing and public speaking, developed business plans and undertaken individual and team projects on London. It has been a proper education.

Talented chaps

Talented chaps

As a parting gift to a school, it does not get much better or thoughtful from a 13 year-old than this portrait of Otto the dog from Otto the boy, presented by Otto (Form 8). Lucky Harrow. Thank you, Otto.

Essay competition

Congratulations to Arthur (Form 8) who won the Form 8 essay challenge this week with not one but three scholarship essays. Convincing were his arguments in answer to “Is History over-rated?” with his conclusion including the argument that:

History allows us to understand the society that we live in and it helps us to make [wise] choices for the future. It also helps us with public speaking, with the art of being persuasive and, most importantly, with the structuring of our thoughts and ideas.

Lego club @Home

Lego Club

Excellent work in Lego club @Home this week from Martin (Form 3) and his St Philip’s badge, and Raoul (Form 6) and his Minecraft masterpiece.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream all in one place

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream

Thank you so very much to Mr Bullard for working so brilliantly to tie together many voices into a medley of Shakespearean classics for the radio adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Mr Darling had magnificent vision but could only be so ambitious being safe in the knowledge that he had a music department that could deliver the goods -thank you, Sirs!

Week 8

Common Entrance – the A-list of stars

Common Entrance

Lucas, Felix and Rayan exploring their route to City of London School

Congratulations to the Form 8 boys who have worked very hard in challenging conditions to finish off their Common Entrance course during this most unusual of years. Despite the obstacles put before them, they turned in some stellar performances in their final examinations last week and have been rewarded for their perseverance with some excellent results. We can congratulate a lovely set of boys on their shared success: an impressive 78% of all 141 grades were A* or A and 95% were A* to B. On behalf of the boys, thank you to the teachers from Form 3 through to Form 8 who have led them up to this point and well done to them for passing into the following senior schools in first-class style:

  • Eton x 4
  • City of London x 3*
  • Bradfield*
  • Dulwich
  • Harrow
  • Kensington Park
  • Wetherby Senior
  • Radley
  • Worth*


Art @Home this week

Miss Hegarty set the boys the task of recreating a piece of famous art work this week. Some of the highlights are:

Art @Home this week


Art @Home this week

Adolph Von Menzel’s Early Morning in the Cafe

Art @Home this week

Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe prints

Art @Home this week

Don McCullin’s photography the Battle of Hué

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Episode 4

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, episode four

Well done, Mr Darling. Well done, chaps. Midsummer Night will be with us as we enter the new week. What better way to mark it than with a listen to the fourth and final instalment of St Philip’s radio play?

Week 7

Drama club

Drama Club

The fabulous Mrs Mondadori has been keeping the drama club going this term and the boys have put their heads together to create an audio vignette of the reign of Henry V, specifically his plan to conquer France. Their tale is from a soldier going into battle, starring in order of appearance: Giuseppe (Form 5), Leonardo (Form 3), Benjo (Form 4), Nicholas (Form 5), Emanuele (Form 5)

Form 5 happy hour

Happy Hour

Mr Darling and Mr Schirone tasked the boys with creating delicious and cooling drinks recipes ahead of a warm weekend. Points were given for ingredients , presentation and imagination in the naming of the recipe. On the podium were Alessandro (Perliant), Jozef (Tropical Night) and Giuseppe (The Midnight Rose). Whatever next?

Week 6

Common Entrance 2020

Congratulations to our boys in Form 8 who have worked so very hard to prepare and have now completed their Common Entrance course, which culminated with their final examination earlier today. They finished off with Latin and then reconvened in the Form 8 Team room and celebrated with a pizza lunch and thumbs up all round.

We are extremely grateful to parents for administering the papers at home and keeping the boys motivated on the final straight. Thank you.

School re-opens (partially)

School re-opens

The second highlight of the week was, undoubtedly, the re-opening of the School to Form 6 on Monday. Although there were only a few boys here with four members of staff, it was lovely to have some life back in the building and the garden. We are hugely grateful to Miss Hegarty and Mr Payne for being with the boys and to the teachers who continued from home to give all the boys plenty of work and regular opportunities to catch up with one another.

School flag

We raised the School flag on the balcony on behalf of all those who remained at home.

Week 5

St Philip’s Day

St Philip’s Day

Happy St Philip’s Day to all. Thank you to Mr Tanna for organising a lovely array of events that allowed the boys to remember our patron saint and all that he stood for. Included were a podcast from Mr Tanna on which the boys collaborated with one another, a recorded message from Monsignor Keith Newton to whom we extend our sincere thanks, a lunch-time blessing and an array of messages that were flying around the Teams boards. Below is a snapshot of some of the many boys who attended a tea party with Mr Tanna after school today.

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, episode one

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, episode one

The St Philip’s play – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – has been revived by Mr Darling and transformed into a serialised radio production. The boys have collaborated with one another to produce a lovely piece of work that we hope will brighten up a morning or afternoon for anyone who listens. Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long and a new episode will be released each week between now and the end of the Summer Term.

Fixtures results

Thank you to all the boys who took part in our virtual fixtures v WCCS and Tower House this week. Each school was victorious in winning one category so it was wonderful to see everyone embracing the kick-ups competition.

Week 4


The Headmaster dropped into clubs for Airfix modelling, art, quizzing, journalism, acting, singing, personal fitness and Ancient Greek this week. Seeing and hearing the boys interacting with one another and their teachers in a relaxed atmosphere at the end of a working day was a joy. Thank you to all the boys who have involved themselves in clubs and, of course, to the teachers who have taken the time to run them so splendidly.

Form 5 cooking school – omelettes


It is not uncommon for a Michelin-starred chef to challenge interviewees in the kitchen to make an omelette. Delighted but not sated by the bright panoply of salads that Form 5 created last week, Mr Darling and Mr Schirone took the Michelin route and challenged the boys to produce omelettes this week, and picked out Ignacio, Alessandro and Zion for their efforts.

Week 3


Over the next few weeks, we will create a stop-motion production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and are hopeful that a large number of boys will want to be involved in the project. It is a great opportunity for collaboration. Adaptation of the script is in progress and Mr Darling will be contacting the principals to record their lines over the next few weeks via the A Midsummer Night’s Dream Team, which will appear when he is ready to record. Miss Hegarty is building the miniature world and also needs the help of the boys to create characters, props and set. Mr Darling is very excited – he claims to be ‘super-excited’ – to announce this project and insistent that the show must go on! Props to him and Miss Hegarty, I must say.


Salad Making

Mr Darling and Mr Schirone put Form 5 to task this week with a salad-making competition. The boys rose to the occasion, with our two salad-eating expert masters selecting Giuseppe, Olle and William as best-in-show for their variety and colour of ingredients. Judging by the riot of colour and presentation in the entries below, this was keenly-contested.

Week 2

Work Continues

Work Continues

As another month begins in lockdown, everyone at St Philip’s has been hard at work as usual. Leopold (Form 4) and Arthur (Form 7) demonstrated fantastic skills in their PE lesson as their happy faces demonstrate here. Mr Darling was thrilled to see their level of enthusiasm. Also particularly worthy of note is the detailed poster which Dominic (Form 6) created in PSHE to share his knowledge on Marie Curie.

Clubs Back

Clubs were up and running this week and it was a delight to see activities from drama and quizzing to philosophy and art taking place in a relaxed atmosphere at the end of the school working day. Schola also continued and hats will go off to Mr Bullard if he can put together a virtual choir. Excellent stuff.

Parent and Pupil Surveys

Thank you to all those who have taken the trouble to complete the surveys. Your views are an extremely important part of the process and we are grateful to you for taking the time to share them so that we can understand what is working well and what needs to be improved. We will share the results next week.

Week 1

St Philip's Embraces Home Learning

St Philip’s started the Summer Term in unusual style learning from home which both pupils and staff have embraced with vigour. We are very grateful to Mr Tanna for his excellent podcasts, which set the tone for the term ahead and which will enter the records as one of the more unusual episodes in the life of the School.

The boys were down to work relatively quickly on Wednesday morning and have been churning out plenty of work ever since. It is as if they missed the old place.

Working to Music

Thank you to Lucas in Form 7 who has spent a significant part of the Easter break recording music on the piano at home for us all. He put together a playlist for all of us to enjoy and from Bach, Vivaldi and Holst, to Elton, Elvis and Judy Garland, it has something for everyone.

Senior Schools

Congratulations to the cluster of Form 6 boys who were awarded places at Winchester College and Wetherby Senior this week. For those still waiting to hear from schools – my message has and always will be constant: be patient, keep working and good things will come in time with continued development and progress in character and grades.

Lent Term - Week 8

School colours awarded

We were delighted to award three sets of school colours on 6th March for contributions to the School’s rugby.

Putting the ‘country’ into cross-country

Cross Country

Mr Darling took a troupe of valiant St Philip’s boys out to Oxfordshire on 5th March to take part in the Prep Schools’ Cross Country Championships at the Oratory at Woodcote.

Amidst formidable opposition from Ludgrove, Summer Fields, Bruern Abbey, Sunningdale, Oratory Prep and others, the boys tackled the muddy and undulating 3.5km course through the open countryside with determination and grit. In the driving rain, boggy conditions and swirling winds, both were a minimum requirement, the boys deserved a medal to go with a warm cup of tea at the race’s end.

Music recital

Music Recital

The annual music recital took place at St Wilfrid’s Hall on 3rd March. The boys and parents listened attentively to 45 pieces played on the piano, clarinet, flute, violin and guitar as well as several sung pieces which included a duet in English and Italian.

Thank you to Mr Bullard for helping the boys prepare and perform, and to all those parents who came to support the boys.

Play preparations gather pace

Play Preparations

The boys are fortunate to have a dedicated team of teachers prepping them for their performance and a small army of parents stiching things together backstage. The rehearsal have shown the boys to be focused, creative and full of good spirits. It is set to be a ripping success.

Twitchers reunited

Our resident ornithologists were out in force again this week at the Wetlands Centre. Thank you to Mr Hunter and Mrs Buil-Sequeros helping the boys find their wings.

Week 7

Scholarship awarded

Congratulations to Felix who has won a sports scholarship to City of London School. Aside from athleticism and core fitness, one of City’s main criteria for selection is a strong personality and capacity for leadership. On every level, Felix will have featured strongly on the assessment and we are delighted that he has been rewarded. He can now be expected to make significant contributions to representative teams in at least two of City’s main sports upon taking up his place in September. Well done, Felix.

Rugby the winner

Rugby Winners

Congratulations to the Form 3 and Form 4 boys who took two victories from two games down at Battersea Park on Friday. Mr Whittock reports that muddy conditions could not prevent a festival of free-flowing rugby that would have made the champagne-fueled Parisian teams of the 1980s sit up and take notice.

Rehearsals ramp up

It was lovely to see so many boys in school on Saturday 29th February, getting stuck into rehearsals for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Thank you to them all for their great teamwork and good spirits. Thank you in particular to Mr Darling and Mrs Mondadori for their time and patience. They were supported brilliantly today by Miss Hegarty, Mr Jones and Mr Aitken.

Common Entrance mock examinations

Common Entrance Exams

The Form 8 boys were given a final trial run between 24th and 28th February, ahead of their Common Entrance examinations in June. From Monday to Friday, they sat written papers for English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Latin, Geography and RS in addition to a speaking examination for French. They will receive results next week and be given direction accordingly. There will be a parents’ evening on Tuesday 3rd March so that rents have a broad overview of how things are progressing, too.

Singing competition

Singing Competition

The finals of the singing competition were held on Thursday 27th February. Many thanks to all those who entered the heats earlier this term and congratulations to the seven finalists and two winners.

LAMDA open rehearsals

LAMDA open rehearsals

Thank you to all the parents who came to support the boys in their open rehearsals on Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th February. The boys ran through their duologues and monologues and performed some basic acting drills in front of a small crowd, which is a vital piece of prep in advance of their LAMDA examinations coming up in March. It is a great initiative from Rebecca Mondadori and Holly Hayes and is representative of their imagination and enthusiasm in giving the boys every chance to shine on their assessment day.

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

Along with the Six Nations rugby tournament and the appearance of daffodils, the arrival of hatchlings at St Philip’s is as sure a sign as any that Spring is just around the corner. So it was that several ducklings hatched in the science laboratory this week, thus complementing the boys’ studies on the life-cycle of animals. Form 5 were given the honour of naming our aquatic guests and we are pleased to introduce Fluffy, Donald, Buddy, Bob and Bill.


The school’s main charity is Carney’s Community Centre in Battersea, which works to develop life skills, discipline and self-respect for young at-risk members of Wandsworth and the surrounding community through mentoring and special projects. Carney’s aims to build self-discipline, self-esteem, confidence and employability of young people. The boys discussed the meaning of charity recently week with Mr Corr, who challenged them to consider how they could raise a minimum of £10 each for Carney's. Two boys have already approached us with an idea for a music competition and there were several suggestions of sponsored activities.

Week 6

Scholarship won

Congratulations to Jackson who has been awarded a drama scholarship to Bradfield College. He impressed Bradfield over two days of assessments that involved, amongst other things, a musical recital and a monologue from Blood Brothers. Bravo, Jackson!

Form 7 geography field trip to the Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Form 7 enjoyed a day at the Olympic Park in Stratford on Tuesday 11th February as part of their studies on urban geography. The boys discovered how the stadium and aquatics centre have been adapted for continued use, how the athletes’ village was transformed into regular housing, and how the whole site is provided with heat by burning biomass in a single combined energy centre. Fieldwork techniques used by the boys included sustainability assessments, land use mapping and pedestrian surveys.


The whole school gathered in the Little Oratory on Friday 14th February to mark the end of the first half of the Lent Term with Benediction. Thank you to the Schola for leading the singing and to the all-star Form 7 serving team of Augustin, Lucas, Arthur and Paul.

Team effort

Captain Marvel, Pablo, led the way alongside Inigo and Giuseppe as the Colts came from twenty points down to dispatch local rivals WCCS 35-25 on Wednesday 12th February. Courage, determination and discipline were all evident and the boys refused to give up. Mr Payne was delighted with their approach to the game.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream rolls on

The boys were at the Bhavan Theatre on Monday 10th February for their first rehearsal on location for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Hats off to Mr Darling for finding the venue for the three performances of the production in March.

Week 5

Artist in residence

Artist in residence

On Friday 7th February, one of the Form 8 classrooms was used as a gallery to showcase the most recent art work of Otto, our artist in residence.

The whole school had the opportunity to visit the gallery and take in the work with Otto on hand to explain why and how he created the various paintings as well as to name his price!

First-class job, Otto. We hope others are inspired

Green acres and roaring fires

Rugby Fixtures

A large number of boys were out of London on Wednesday 5th February for an afternoon of rugby fixtures against Sunningdale School. From U9s through the Colts to the Firsts, the spirit among the St Philip’s and Sunningdale boys was exceptional. They were full of straight running, courageous tackling and impressive passing. There were some wonderful team and individual moments, but the organisation and support for one another – through word and deed – stood out above all.

Our hosts were exceptionally gracious and the atmosphere was warming to the core. Sausages’n’chips were served for match tea, which went down a storm. We even found a photograph of Mr Darling hanging in a drawing room.

Respect, discipline and courage

Carney Community Centre

The words respect, discipline and courage hang in the hall at the Carney Community Centre in Battersea and featured prominently in a thought-provoking video that Mr Corr played to the whole school on Wednesday 5th February. It was pleasing, therefore, that all three characteristics were on display on the fields of Sunningdale later that afternoon. More on that below.

Singing competition heats conclude

Mr Bullard was delighted with the number and standard of entries into the junior section of the singing competition. On Thursday 6th February, four boys were chosen to go through to the final which will be held in the second half of term so watch this space!

What have the boys been studying in the first week of February?

Studies in February

Too many curiosities to list, but this correspondent has seen boys practising their algebra, fractions and percentages, and learning about character development in literature, the Stations of the Cross, (above), the Reformation, Stonehenge (above), the art of Roy Lichtenstein, and the Cold War space race. There was also a superb polyglot exercise that highlighted areas of commonality between French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.

Week 4

Unbeaten since 2017


The most impressive run in the history of team sports continues! The First XI were all set to notch up another victory down at Chiswick on Friday 31st January only to be only thwarted by a talented opponent goalkeeper and an errant bus driver who took the opposition to the wrong sports ground! A much-shortened game brought four short corners to the boys in blue and yellow and a peppering of the opponent’s ‘keeper but, sadly, no goals. The boys were disappointed not to have been able to play out a full game in chasing a win but can take solace in the undefeated record stretching on.

Reading prefects

Reading prefects

Thank you to the small army of reading prefects that give their precious break time up to hear the Form 3 and 4 boys read twice per week. Wandering into a classroom to find six or seven Form 7 boys listening actively, pointing out kindly or filling out reading diaries dutifully is a real treat. The Form 3 and 4 boys really are very lucky indeed.



The whole school was in the Little Oratory on Tuesday 28th January to mark the feast day of St Thomas Aquinas. A learned and scholarly man, St Thomas founded a school in Naples in the 13th century and is the patron saint of Catholic education. The Schola sang beautifully and the servers were excellent.



The whole school was in the Little Oratory on Tuesday 28th January to mark the feast day of St Thomas Aquinas. A learned and scholarly man, St Thomas founded a school in Naples in the 13th century and is the patron saint of Catholic education. The Schola sang beautifully and the servers were excellent.

Forms 5 & 6 British Museum trip

Forms 5 and 6 British Museum trip

Forms 5 and 6 travelled to the British Museum on Monday 27th January to bring some hands-on experience to their studies of the classical world. Mr Aitken reports that the journey across London on the Tube was made easy by the excellent behaviour and common sense of all the boys. Taking even well-behaved boys through the Tube is not the stuff of holidays, so hats off. The boys had a great time and returned to Wetherby Place just in time for lunch.

‘Tis the season

We wish great luck to those boys heading off for final-round interviews and scholarship assessments around about now. We hope that they go with confidence and enthusiasm for the challenge ahead and take the spirit of St Philip with them.

Week 3

Off to Eton again

Two St Philip’s boys have moved off the Eton waiting list to a conditional place in the last few weeks. Each school has a slightly different timescale to WL movement and patience is always required. While it would be entirely wrong to promise success to all in moving off WLs at any school, it is worth remembering that the game is long and a steady hand on the tiller at home can really help along with sustained effort and determination from the boys in their day-to-day work. In the meantime, we encourage the boys to behave well, work hard and have plenty of fun along the way. That and – as our First XI demonstrated in Michaelmas – to never, ever, give up. The rewards will come eventually.

Form 3 to the library


Forms 3 and 4 travel to the library on the Brompton Road each week with Mrs Purnell, Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Gilfeather to borrow and read books. On Friday 25th January, they were enlisted to help a young member of the public in taking her own steps on the journey into a good book. Perhaps we have found our reading prefects of 2023.

Form 8 geography fieldtrip to Epping Forest

Geography field trip

Form 8 were in Epping Forest on a gloriously sunny Tuesday 21st January to take part in day of geography field work. Led by staff from the Field Studies Council, they used a range of techniques to collect data from three sites along the Loughton Brook river, which they will now analyse and present as part of their Common Entrance coursework. Thank you to Mr Whittock and Mr Hunter for organising and leading the boys.

Form 7 Globe Theatre trip

Form 7 Globe Theatre trip

Form 7 were at the Globe Theatre on the South Bank on Monday 20th January as part of their English studies of Shakespearean London. They are reading Susan Cooper’s King of Shadows in which a young boy from the USA travels back in time to Elizabethan London. The boys had a tour of the Globe and took part in a workshop. The trip finished on a high with a sword fighting demonstration to showcase the skills of sword handlers and the respect and discipline required to master this dramatic ancient art. Thank you to Mr Corr for organising and leading the trip with Mr Darling.

Judo competition

Judo Competition

Well done to all those who competed over the weekend of 18th January in the British Judo London Area Development Event in the Docklands. The boys went through several bouts amid some fierce competition, and put the skills that they have been honing in their weekly judo sessions at St Philip’s to combative use in the public arena. Thank you to Mr Spiers for coordinating.

Week 2

Brighton College

I was at Brighton College, a co-educational school with 600 day-pupils, 400 boarders and 260 weekly boarders, on Monday 13th January. Everything was very impressive, from the facilities (the new School of Science and Sport, pictured, is exceptional) and location to the people and the atmosphere. I was shown around by an enthusiastic and cheery sixth-former who expects to be off to the US for university on a scholarship. He managed to combine confidence with modesty on an excellent tour as his fellow pupils beetled about happily and with purpose. In 2019 – for the second time since 2010 – it was named The Sunday Times Independent School of the Year and its academic results are stellar: 97% of all A-level grades were A* to B for 2019 and 94% of all GCSE grades were A* to A. Most impressive of all, though, was the atmosphere: kind, welcoming and undeniably dynamic.

Games fields, classrooms, garden


We are fortunate to be able to send the boys outside several times per day to take in some air in our lovely garden at Wetherby Place. Table-tennis and the unfathomable ‘basketpong’ are the most popular pursuits, but boys can also sit and take in the air amongst the trees. It’s not a bad life!

School charity

School charity

The school’s main charity this year will be Carney’s Community Centre in Battersea. At the end of last term, the boys heard George Turner from Carney’s explain how the charity works to develop life skills, discipline and self-respect for young at-risk members of the Battersea community through mentoring and special projects. We are delighted to be able to support a local charity and will be challenging our boys to develop their own charitable iniatives to this end throughout the year.

Cross country – it’s the new rugby

Cross country

Thank you to all the boys who ran cross-country during Games on Wednesday 15th January. All were the unfortunate victims of bad luck as an extended afternoon of sport – usually a welcome addition to the week – clashed with a downpour in the morning that put the Barn Elms rugby fields out of action. Mr Darling and the merry band of St Philip’s games staff rose to the occasion and put on a rotation of cross-country and a rugby tactics video session in the pavilion. The boys all chipped in, too, and the new course down by the river was tackled with consistent enthusiasm if variable pace. Meanwhile, Mr Harvey-Kelly reports that the atmosphere in hockey training has been first-class with a few boys making a strong case to be made Captain of Hockey. Two season unbeaten, it is quite the job for the new skipper and I gather that early signs are very promising indeed.

Speaking of stellar kindness

Speaking of stellar kindness

We know that kindness and success go hand-in-hand because St Philip’s boys are entreated to aim for the higher gifts each day through joyfulness and kindness. While their kindness and positive attitude – we hope – set them apart at senior school, it is worth remembering that mathematics results at Common Entrance last year were 93% A* to A. This is proof that good guys win.

This week, Form 8 were to be found flying through their work as their final lap approached. There were even some GCSE-level problems being tackled. citius!

Curriculum guides – Lent 2020

Curriculum guides for the Lent Term 2020 can be found here:

Michaelmas Term - Week 1

Get set…go!

Get Set Go

The new term opened at 8.30am on Tuesday 7th January with the first assembly of 2020 and just after 9.00am it was down to Latin (Form 8), French (Form 8), Mathematics (Form 7), English (Form 6), RS (Form 5), and Mathematics and English (Forms 4 and 3). By break time at 10.25am, it was as if nobody had ever been away.


On Thursday 9th January, Mr Walters and Mr Schirone went up to Harrow School Chapel to attend the memorial mass for Mark Keffer, an old boy of St Philip’s, who died tragically last year. In his homily, Fr Stuart Seaton remembered Mark as a happy, loving and kind young man who always filled a room with his beaming smile. That is exactly how Mark is remembered in his St Philip’s blazer. Many St Philip’s old boys attended the service. We pray for the repose of Mark’s soul, for his parents, and his brother, Peter, who is also a St Philip’s old boy.

Thank you to Ampleforth


We are grateful to Ampleforth College and to its Head of Rugby, Mr Will James, in particular for leading a training session at Barn Elms on Friday 10th January. Our 1st XV were the fortunate recipients of the wisdom of Mr James, who played top-flight rugby for several years with Gloucester RFC. In their first session of the season, he was able to lay down some firm foundations in relation to the basics that are the bedrock of any successful team.

Annual cross-country championships

Cross country

One tends to imagine cross-country races being greeted with moans and grimaces but, as evidenced by the pictures below, that was not the order of the day at St Philip’s as the annual cross-country championships took place on Wednesday 8th January. The whole school fronted up and put on a brave show in chilly conditions on the famously hilly Barn Elms championship course. Thank you to Mr Tanna and Mr Whittock for acting as hares.

Barn Elms – St Philip’s sports HQ

Our boys are extremely lucky to have several acres of drained games fields to themselves at Barn Elms every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. As founder-members of the Barn Elms Sports Trust, in partnership with the ECB and other national sports organisations, St Philip’s enjoys exceptionally generous provision to host fixtures and training for all its pupils and our opponents. Grass wickets, professionally-maintained rugby and football fields, a tartan athletics track and a fine pavilion are the canvas on which scenes of athletic triumph and disaster are painted. Sport is always the winner and the match teas are legendary.

Clubs begin


It was straight from lessons into clubs on the first day with fencing, model-making, chess, Ancient Greek, LAMDA, coding, table tennis, Mandarin, judo, science and others all having met by the end of the first week. Debating, art and Italian will join in the fun next week.

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