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Financial Assistance

Help with fees (bursaries)

External candidates

As an independent charitable trust, St Philip’s School is committed to broadening access by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support to ensure the payment of school fees. The school offers a number of entrance bursaries at 7+, 8+ and in-year placements of up to 100% of tuition fees. All bursary applications are subject to annual means testing and may be varied upwards or downwards depending on parental circumstances and financial information provided on review.

As part of the registration process, parents have the opportunity to request a bursary application form. This is usually done when meeting the Head Master or Registrar upon visiting the School, but may be requested via the School Office at any time.

The school uses Bursary Administration Ltd to review and assess entrance bursary applications. This may include a home visit which, by necessity, will be at short notice. If a bursary assessment includes a home visit, Bursary Administration Ltd will contact the applicants directly.

Bursary application assessments are conducted independently of the academic selection process. No action regarding a bursary application should be considered as indicative as to whether an offer of a place in the school will be made.

Internal candidates

St Philip’s School has limited bursarial funds to provide short term assistance to current parents where there has been an unforeseen change in financial circumstances. Such awards are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

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St Philip's Financial Assistance