St Philip's School


St Philip’s is a small Roman Catholic preparatory school for 110 boys aged 7-13. It was established in 1934 and is still located on its foundation site in the heart of Kensington in central London.

The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum that combines a strong academic, moral and religious education with a range of creative and sporting opportunities. It aims for every pupil to feel a valued member of the school community and to have a sense of being personally nurtured. Having experienced this, we hope that each boy is inspired to respond to others in a similar fashion.

Boys leave St Philip’s and go onto the senior school that is best-suited to their individual needs. The school enjoys strong links with all the senior schools it feeds, and counts among those the greatest schools in England.

Of the 192 leavers since 2010 approximately…

  • 25% have gone onto Eton, Harrow and Winchester
  • 25% have gone onto to City of London, Dulwich, KCS Wimbledon, St Paul’s and Westminster
  • 50% of the boys going onto boarding go to Eton, Harrow or Winchester
  • 50% of the boys going onto day go to St Paul’s, Westminster, KCS, City of London, Dulwich

The most popular schools since 2010 have been Harrow, Ampleforth, Dulwich, Eton, St Paul's, Wetherby Senior, Winchester and Westminster.

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