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House Cup to Gwyn

House Cup

Congratulations to Gwyn for a double victory today with the announcement that the boys in red had won both house point competitions for the term and the year. For winning the term prize, the boys will see prep diaries painted in red in Michaelmas 2020. Captain of Gwyn Alec (Form 8) paraded the cup around the forms this morning and presented his housemate with a small edible prize.

Form 8 post-CE programme

Battersea Power Station

Form 8 ventured to Battersea Power Station to learn about the history and development of the iconic building as part of their London investigation this week. Thank you to Mr Mannering and Mr Whittock for accompanying them alongside Mr Corr.

Particular thanks are extended to Mr Corr for the vision and hard work that he has put into Form 8’s post Common Entrance experience. The boys have considered the importance of taking risks, practised speech-writing and public speaking, developed business plans and undertaken individual and team projects on London. It has been a proper education.

Talented chaps

Talented chaps

As a parting gift to a school, it does not get much better or thoughtful from a 13 year-old than this portrait of Otto the dog from Otto the boy, presented by Otto (Form 8). Lucky Harrow. Thank you, Otto.

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