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School colours awarded

We were delighted to award three sets of school colours on 6th March for contributions to the School’s rugby.

Putting the ‘country’ into cross-country

Cross Country

Mr Darling took a troupe of valiant St Philip’s boys out to Oxfordshire on 5th March to take part in the Prep Schools’ Cross Country Championships at the Oratory at Woodcote.

Amidst formidable opposition from Ludgrove, Summer Fields, Bruern Abbey, Sunningdale, Oratory Prep and others, the boys tackled the muddy and undulating 3.5km course through the open countryside with determination and grit. In the driving rain, boggy conditions and swirling winds, both were a minimum requirement, the boys deserved a medal to go with a warm cup of tea at the race’s end.

Music recital

Music Recital

The annual music recital took place at St Wilfrid’s Hall on 3rd March. The boys and parents listened attentively to 45 pieces played on the piano, clarinet, flute, violin and guitar as well as several sung pieces which included a duet in English and Italian.

Thank you to Mr Bullard for helping the boys prepare and perform, and to all those parents who came to support the boys.

Play preparations gather pace

Play Preparations

The boys are fortunate to have a dedicated team of teachers prepping them for their performance and a small army of parents stiching things together backstage. The rehearsal have shown the boys to be focused, creative and full of good spirits. It is set to be a ripping success.

Twitchers reunited

Our resident ornithologists were out in force again this week at the Wetlands Centre. Thank you to Mr Hunter and Mrs Buil-Sequeros helping the boys find their wings.

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